Life the Universe and Blogging    
I guess this is the question which everyone should ask as they start a blog; Why ?

For a long time I've been a letter writter and have on occassions written those email circulars to let people involved in my increasing mobile and involved life know where I am in the universe and what I'm thinking. Moving these email circulars into a blog which can be circulated and viewed around the world seems to be the next step.

So what should I tell you about me. Well I'm human.. I guess that's important. In most recent times I have discovered how much I enjoy working for me alone and the freedom this brings from so many of the worries which perviously existed there is truely wonderful.

I'm really not sure where home is, as it is a very moveable thing, but it almost certainly is where my network connection and laptop are. I guess also that without some of the people in my life it would be impossible to describe that place as home either.

What is important to me ? Time. You never want to be in too much of a hurry to see what might happen. Some of the very best experiences of my life have been because I've been content to just relax and wait.

Hedonism.. I'm a person who really does enjoy all the sensations life has to offer. From those wonderful simple meals on summer evenings,through those afternoons of decadence in 5 star hotels with that special person. Those wonderful moments of holding hand and sharing chocolate passed between lips with a loved one.

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